At the beginning, when we decided to create Noctem we didn’t know what genre that game would be. We didn’t even had a title at that point. We just knew that we want to do this, create an immersive experience outside of what you can see in your screen and for that reason we knew we should invest mostly in atmosphere and ambience.

Brainstorming after brainstorming and 72 cups of coffee later there was a title and a genre. Noctem was going to be a psychological horror game inspired by games such as S.O.M.A., Layers of Fear, Amnesia and TV series such as Stranger Things and The X-Files. As we support the theory of Multiverse, we thought it was only appropriate to include this theory in our game.

We had the title, the genre and a generic idea of a theory that we would like to include in the story. In order to create the game we needed more things. For us, the most important aspect of a game is its story. We started researching strange and mysterious stories all over the world in order to get us inspired and then we found something we really liked.

The Alaska Triangle connects the city of Anchorage, Juneau and Barrow and is a place where mysterious things takes place very often. People claim they have been abducted by aliens, that they have seen Bigfoot, airplanes that vanish and other paranormal phenomena.

Now Noctem is a psychological atmospheric horror game that takes place in Dry Creek which is a little foggy town with beautiful nature, inside the Alaska Triangle. There are whispers that many people have disappeared and most of them have never been found. There are many theories behind this phenomenon, but no one is willing to speak about it. People disappear and most of them remain lost. Some say they died, some say they left… Others are still searching for them, to this day. The question is, where are they?

The truth is, that even after we found the main story-idea and we had already started developing the game,it changed a lot. And this was actually expected because, when the story grows the game grows as well. We wanted to create a powerful story about a person who had experience terrified unexplainable things but still wanted to unravel the mystery of the Alaska Triangle.